Kens Metal Industries is a leader in the distribution and transformation of special steels for the East African market. Our company offers customers a wide range of special steels, bronze, brass, copper, nylon, cast iron and aluminium. We also provide specialized services upon customer request.

The company operates under 8 major segments:

+ Engineering steel
+ Stainless steel
+ Wear resistant and high yield steel
+ Mild steel
+ Tool steel
+ Copper base alloys (brass, bronze, copper)
+ Nylon
+ Cast iron

With adequate quantities of items in stock, Kens Metal Industries Ltd is able to meet the needs of various market sectors, such as quarries and the mining industry, general engineering firms, the construction industry and agriculture and energy firms.

We also provide:

+ Metal analysis (Spectrometer)
+ Extrusion of brass section
+ Continuous cast bronze and copper section
+ Gravity casting of aluminium, brass and bronze
+ Pressure die cast of aluminium and brass
+ Drawing facilities
+ Sawing of materials
+ Oxy-cut, plasma-cut and water-jet cutting